About us


Our family business KOTTATIS NATURAL MASTIC PRODUCTS was founded in 2012 by 2 brothers, VASILIS and MANOS KOTTATI at the medieval village Pyrgi, the largest mastic village in Chios located at the heart of mastic production  !!

It is active in the manufacture processing and marketing of mastic products !!

Our philosophy is based on that every product we create to constitute a "ritual" for us. From production to its release. At each stage of production, the human element and care are involved.

Testing takes place at home before it is decided to produce new products while the volume of each batch is small in order to accomplish better quality and better control of the finished product!!

Before we release any products we want to know its behavior, we believe that our products are not just handmade but living organisms. Our scientific team daily researches and implements in collaboration with institutes around the world new ingredients both modern and herbal to create pioneering compositions free from ingredients that have either been blamed for their harmful properties or we ourselves think that they don't have the necessary specifications to be used in our pure products. We wanted to create traditional products with respect to our environment and to our tradition of our homeland.  We wanted anyone who uses or tastes KOTTATIS products to feel like they are actually taking a walk in the blessed mastic lands of south Chios!!

In all of our products, we use genuine Chios mastic oil and natural mastic combined with pure vegetable raw materials. Our products are free of chemicals, dioxins, petroleum, & preservatives.

The secret recipe of beauty and taste is out there where it has always been, on the fruits of greek land: the unique mastic of Chios, olive oil, fruit juices, vegetables and cereals, essential oils and Mediterranean herbs!!

Our love for mastic, as we ourselves are mastic producers,  growing up in these mastic lands experiencing the toil and difficulties of producing  this precious tear has led us to continuous research which led us to become aware of its secrets and their incredible properties allowing us to reach the level of product quality at the optimum level to meet even the most demanding consumer needs and to continue the great history of people who have been serving for centuries the structure of mastic!!

Always keeping pace with the needs of the market and the rapidly growing rhythm of our time, KOTTATIS family-owned company is well informed about all recent developments in technology and in production procedures,  keeping in mind the research, design, and development of new products.

The best promotion of a place is its products. In a  time where the faith of economic growth is limited, we insist to try with hope, vision, and responsibility!!

With reasonable prices, you purchase excellent quality products!!